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Michael assists Companies and People maximize productivity through his assistance to their personnel to overcome culturally related social anxieties when they use English as a Second Language. Which facilitates greater Team and Social engagement, productive participation and contributions by these individuals armed with reinforced communication skills in the fast-paced environment of the Silicon Valley Technology Sector.
Michael is also a Pollock-Krasner Grantee works as an Abstract Symbolist Artist, Sculptor & Music Producer, Musician & Animator whose cross-pollinating work is shaped by his experience through various stages of Vision Impairment and a total loss of Sight due to hiv/AIDS. His Art carries the bold color influences of Franz Marc and The Blue Rieter and Kandinsky, while his canvases subtly emulate Elizabeth Murray's defiance of 2 Dimensional Form.
Michael also dedicates part of his time in Coaching Clients living with Aspergers, Cerebral Palsy, Social Anxiety and other issues that create limiting barriers to achieving one's goals.
Michael's 30 years working with Apple Platform based Software and Hardware Companies as a Product Manager & as an Apple Higher Ed Rep makes him Tech savvy to boot!Mr. Moore firmly believes Steve Job's Adage, "Changing the World One Person At A Time"​.
Michael's current Music Project, The Trigger-Happy Kittens, is an exploration of Electronic Music that some have called a cross between Vangelis and Tangerine Dream.
Finally, Having served as a Squad Leader in The United States Marine Corps'​, The Magnificent Bastards, Michael is bound by a sense of Duty and giving back in whatever way he is able. Semper Fi!

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