Please support my volunteer efforts in Romania, which will be focused on teaching English, computer, and life skills to a young adult population that grew up in the institutionalized orphanage system.

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Personal Motivation

According to Jon Hamilton, “A lot of what scientists know about parental bonding and the brain comes from studies of children who spent time in Romanian orphanages during the 1980s and 1990s.” The horrific conditions of the orphanages showed that not only is nutrition vital to a child’s development, but also basic human contact. Here’s a link to an ex institutionalized Romanian orphan’s page , that could shed more light on what were the circumstances of orphaned children of Romania.

This wonderful life that I live today is a privilege, not because I have the things that I need, its because I have the ability to make a meaningful effect on the ones that I can reach out to and to oneself in doing so.

What I will do in Romania

With a team of 10 volunteers, I will be teaching English, computer, and life skills to young adults who grew up in institutional orphanages in Romania. Our hope is that these skills will help them find better paying jobs leading to a better future and will give them the strength to rise above their difficult pasts. Past volunteers have expressed that a heightened sense of community and trusting relationships being built was a major benefit for everyone involved. Several volunteers have chosen to go back for this reason, and I look forward to being part of this community as well.

How you can help

I would greatly appreciate any monetary contribution you can make in helping me raise the funds required for this opportunity. Because I will be working directly with the orphans, I will be able to give you a true account of our activities there, so you can evaluate the impact you’ll have brought in the lives of these orphans as well as in my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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