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Be a part of our essential support team. Funds are used where they matter most and always with the goal to transform individuals, families, and communities out of poverty into lasting well-being.

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You are invited to partner with Venture 2 Impact in our mission to transform individuals, families, and communities out of poverty into lasting well-being.

Your partnership will:

  • Educate volunteers on issues around poverty and help them find ways to contribute to their home communities and abroad in meaningful ways

  • Invest in impoverished communities who need a handup rather than a handout in order to contribute to a global movement to alleviate poverty

  • Help volunteers and the communities we serve to experience relational connectedness and belonging which is rooted in empathy, compassion, and initiative

  • Fuel hope and treat individuals, families, and communities of all backgrounds with dignity

Currently, donor and volunteer support is empowering:

  • Orphans in Romania to receive training that will help them to obtain better paying and more secure jobs. By providing English, computer, and life skills training for the youth and training for the staff who work with the vulnerable youth, you are contributing to improving the lives of those who have so rarely felt valued and cared for.

  • Entrepreneurs in Indonesia to receive mentoring, coaching, and skills-based training. By helping these entrepreneurs, you are also helping multiple local communities by providing more jobs, expanded economic opportunities, and incentive to improve education and economic development.

  • Children with disabilities in India to receive better access to learning and care by providing professional training for staff and volunteers at the hospital and technology that will help the children to better express themselves.

This is what we have accomplished since our inception and with your help we will be able to accomplish so much more.

We are hoping to find 50 people who will give $1,000 annually or $100 per month.

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