Giving for Children with
Disabilities in India!

Support Children in India living with Disabilities I will help them learn to communicate through technology with their Care Providers.

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Santa Clara, CA

There is an exciting opportunity in which I am taking part in November 2018. I will be volunteering with Venture 2 Impact in India to help integrate tech into the day-to-day life of children with disabilities. They desperately need assistance in vocalizing communication and progress tracking. Installing this technology and teaching the children, parents, and health workers how to use it will transform the lives of the children in so many ways! Having to live with a disability myself, with your help, I fully intend to serve as an inspiration to these amazing Kids!

Venture 2 Impact (V2I), is a non-profit organization and a movement that started in 2006 to help communities globally break the cycle of poverty. Their approach to development takes more than just material poverty into account and seeks to address issues of isolation, vulnerability, powerlessness, and physical weakness, among other forms of poverty. V2I’s mission is to transform individuals, families, and communities out of poverty and into lasting well-being, and I am looking forward to taking part in this mission. To break the cycle of poverty, V2I focuses on the three E’s model: Education, Empowerment, and Economic Development.

Venture 2 Impact, in partnership with the Anugrah project at Herburtper Christian Hospital, is committed to caring for children with disabilities and their families in India. In February, Venture 2 Impact volunteers helped Anugrah to develop a strategic plan that will allow them to continue  serving children and families with disabilities for a long time into the future. Health care workers also provided training to their volunteers and staff so that the children will continue to receive the services they need. By providing the children with technology that delivers individualized schedules, communication, assessments, and reminders, the children will be able to do and experience more both with additional support and independently. All children deserve the opportunity to learn, grow, and thrive and I will get to be part of that.

I need to raise $5000 by November. This is what is needed to help children with disabilities in India to communicate and lead better and more independent lives.  I am asking people to consider giving $20 to support my trip. Would you please consider giving this or any sum to improve the lives of children with disabilities in India? To give any amount, large or small, please go to and click on my funding campaign. You will receive a tax receipt in the mail for your donation

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