Implement Anugrah Strategy (Nikolas Shymko)

I will be returning to India to work with Anugrah for June and July 2018. Anugrah, a project within Lehmann Hospital in the north of India, does AMAZING work caring for children with disabilities and their families. This follow-up trip to my recent visit will allow me to accomplish vital work for Anugrah that they presently do not have the resources to carry out.

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On my first trip, our team worked with Anugrah to outline a strategic plan that will enable them to grow and become far more sustainable. Though their work with 120 families is vital, there are thousands of families that would benefit from their work if they had the capacity to serve them. Our strategic plan will help get them there.

I am returning to help accomplish the first steps of the strategy. Specifically, I will work with Anugrah to:

  1. Define idealized roles they need to serve families with disabilities
  2. Define operating procedures around increasing capacity (when to and how)
  3. Develop a business plan for prosthetics and orthotics
  4. Develop a business plan for their carpentry workshop
  5. Create a marketing and communication strategy for international fundraising
  6. Gather important data (potential donors, advocates, businesses …) into one place to eventually set up a CRM
  7. Develop website requirements and wireframes
  8. Plan a gathering of stakeholders for the end of my visit to bring them up to date on all the changes taking place
  9. Provide training on social media
  10. Begin work in creating a local advisory board for Anugrah
  11. Start work on the development of training infrastructure as Anugrah becomes an official training institution
  12. Gather precise budget data to outline Anugrah’s costs and financial structures
  13. Outline more precisely year 1 objectives of their strategic plan and break down all the steps

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