Let's join hands to empower
disabled children in India

Please help support my volunteer efforts in India, which will focus on helping children with disabilities to learn how to use Health care medical software for treatment tracking and management.

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There is an exciting opportunity in which I am taking part in November 2018. I will be volunteering with Venture 2 Impact in India to help integrate tech into the day-to-day life of children with disabilities. Venture 2 Impact (V2I), is a non-profit organization and a movement that started in 2006 in partnership with the Anugrah project at Herburtper Christian Hospital. This project is committed to caring for children with disabilities and their families in India. By providing the children with technology that delivers individualized schedules, communication, assessments, and reminders, the children will be able to do and experience more both with additional support and independently. All children deserve the opportunity to learn, grow, and thrive and I will get to be part of that.

Software is so much more than the latest update on your smartphone – it is a tool that can be life-changing and used to help many people in their daily lives. Installing this technology and teaching the children, parents, and health workers how to use it will be a transformational experience for them. With individualized schedules, assessments, and reminders, the kids there will be able to do and experience more, both with additional support and independently. Every child deserves the opportunity to learn, grow, and thrive.

How you can help:
By donating, you are helping the children there live healthier, happier lives. Your contribution will help provide medical resources and technological advancements to a community that otherwise wouldn’t have them. Please consider joining me in this cause by donating today and join me in support of these beautiful children and the meaningful work of Anugrah. Thank you!

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