Help Kiki Ladd-Izzard Serve in Romania

Please support my volunteer efforts in Romania, which will be focused on teaching tangible skills and abilities to a young adult population that grew up in the institutionalized orphanage system.

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Currently, I am a third year geography student at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, and later in life I want to plan urban development sights. Last year, my fiancee went to Romania with Venture 2 Impact. While he was there, and upon returning, he kept sharing pictures and stories with me. I was really struck by the connections and relationships he made with the young adults there.  This year I want to be part of that too. I want to make connections with these young adults who don’t come from the same upbringing and who have had vastly different experiences from me. I want them to know that I care. It was amazing to hear how much it meant to the orphans that people were willing to travel from Canada to spend time with them.

This summer, I will help young adults who grew up in institutional orphanages get the skills needed to find better paying jobs. I will do this by helping build upon the English and computer lessons that were taught by V2I volunteers last year. Our team will also lead weekend excursions to encourage the building of practical and soft skills for the young adults. One big benefit from V2I’s 2017 trip was a heightened sense of community among the young adults, so I look forward to building upon this through team building activities, playing games, and soft skills training this summer.

With your help we can give these young adults opportunities to thrive! Support my volunteer trip. Be a part of creating lasting impact!

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