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Teaching Bicycle Repair

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The kids in Romania who grew up in institutions often have low paying jobs, and rely on bikes as their main source of transportation. Teaching them how to repair their own bikes would be a huge asset to them. Having the knowledge to repair their own bikes will be a marketable skill for them, and give them a greater level of freedom to pursue their goals.

When I began working in Halifax, I did not like to take the bus to work. So, I bought a road bike. That road bike set me back $350, and I realized soon after that I had to maintain the bike, which would cost even more. I did not want to pay to have my bike serviced, so I started learning how to fix it myself. I began volunteering at a local bike shop, Long Alley Bicycles, and they taught me just about everything I know about bike repair. After two years of volunteering, I got a job with them.

Learning to fix my own bicycle was one of the most liberating decisions that I have ever made. My bike was my way of transportation. I could go anywhere I needed to, and knowing how to fix it in a pinch when it broke was a great skill to have. Having a bicycle is incredible, and knowing how to fix it means that I can always use it to get where I need to go.

I was given an incredible amount of help in learning how to fix my bicycle in Halifax, and I now want to go to Romania and pass on my skills. My hope is to buy some basic tools and replacement parts and teach vulnerable youth who ride bicycles how to maintain them. Being able to fix and ride my own bike is awesome, and I would love to give others the pleasure of being able to do the same. Riding and maintaining my own bicycle makes me feel free, and I want to pass that feeling on to those in Romania.

Please donate whatever you can for my trip and to help pay for the tools which I will leave there. Any amount of money is helpful!

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