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In 2019, Venture 2 Impact and Hope and Homes for Children Rwanda had their first project together. V2I brought three teams of volunteers to work with youth, young mothers, and community members to provide them with the skills needed to qualify them for better jobs. The V2I team did this by teaching English, computers, and business skills as well as by training the English teachers and providing the HHC staff with technology training. Both V2I and HHC found it to be a successful pilot project and are excited to continue collaborating together. 

In 2020, both organizations would like to continue building on the work that was done in 2019.  We will continue to focus on training community members, entrepreneurs, HHC staff, and teachers in Kigarama to help reduce child abandonment due to the economic insecurity of their parents and increase the well-being of the entire community which has been seen to be very supportive and concerned for one another. It will also allow the Kingarama community hub to become self-reliant and sustainable, which is one of HHC’s goals for all of the community hubs. 

  • For our entrepreneurship focus this year, we will hold an incubator. An incubator is an organizational structure designed to accelerate the growth and success of entrepreneurs and/or companies through a combination of business support resources and services that could include capital, coaching, and training. For the proposed incubator, community members who have a small business already or community members with concrete business ideas will apply to be a part of the program. HHC and V2I will work together to select 8-12 candidates. The incubator will involve training in marketing, sales, and accounting, and those who participate will be expected to participate in business English classes as well.
  • With the HHC staff, V2I will again lead technology training sessions. However, this time we will work with individual teams (e.g. monitoring and evaluation) so that we can tailor the training to teams’ specific needs. V2I will also provide some other business/leadership training sessions (e.g. public speaking) based on identified need 
  • V2I will also continue with English teacher training and will focus on improving the teachers’ English ability and their teaching skills. 
  • V2I volunteers will continue to lead English classes to help those in the community improve their English ability 
  • V2I will provide some teacher training for the computer teacher and training for computer students.